NEOMA 90 LED Lightbar 550x75x56mm


Number of LEDs – 90,
LED type – Osram® LED
Operating voltage [V] – 10-30,
brightness of light [lm] – 13000
color of light [K] – 6000 (white) ,
lamp dimensions [mm] – 550x75x56
width of light beam 30/60 degrees (COMBO)
side diodes shine with diffused light of 60 degrees
central LEDs shine with a concentrated long-range light of 30 degrees
cable length [mm] – 250,
working temperature: from -40°C to +65°C
aluminum housing, lightweight and very good heat dissipation
Our lamps have the legally required EMC R10 homologation (as opposed to many cheaper ones sold by competitors)
homologation E50 10R-05.0097
CE compliance certificate
installation elements included

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